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BAYALA® is a world full of magical creatures, a place full of magic and friendship, where magical stories and enchanting adventures begin. Be there when the beautiful fairies ride glittering unicorns and proud Pegasus to the fairy café Blossom, when graceful mermaids glide through the waters of Meamare, or when the magical flower boat sails to Dragon Island. Visit the fairies, their unicorns and magical horses in their fantastic world. They all want to be your friends!

The Fairies and their Magical Companions

Eyela got her beautiful unicorn Rami as a birthday present. Such a valuable gift! The unicorn accompanies the crown princess and her best friend Feya to the most beautiful places in BAYALA®. Of course, her sisters Sera and Surah must not be missing either. Eyela and Rami love to sleep outside in nature - especially in magical places under the glittering starry sky.

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