Who will rule over ELDRADOR®?

Nasty creatures from five worlds confront each other – the battle for the super weapon is on.

The Story

The villains in ELDRADOR® are sworn enemies. Since time immemorial the worlds have been concerned with one crucial question: Who is in possession of the super weapon? All the villains have only one goal: To seize power in ELDRADOR® – and whoever snatches the super weapon will rule. The weapon is a magic sword that grants its owner invincibility and an evil, destructive power. What’s more: The world in which the sword is located spreads to all the surrounding worlds!

Discover the Worlds

Discover some of the nastiest creatures from ELDRADOR®!

The lava scorpion patiently lurks in the rugged crevices of the lava world. If you get too close, he attacks with his red-hot, ultra-strong pincers. If you still dare to attack, he uses his fiery stinger.

ELDRADOR®: Entry Allowed!