Welcome to HORSE CLUB Sofia’s Beauties!

Here you can find full details about the new playworld, the characters, and lots more!

The story

HORSE CLUB Sofia’s Beauties is set in Springdale City, the next biggest city after Lakeside. In this world, everything revolves around friends, horses, style, and beauty. The three friends - Sofia, Kim and Leo spend almost every second of their free time with their favorite horses. What could be better than styling your very own horse, combing its mane, and then decorating it with colorful hair clips?

Get to know Sofia, her friends, and their favorite horses!

Sofia & Dusty

Sofia loves being creative. Did you know she designed the HORSE CLUB logo and the bracelets for all four members?
With her boundless imagination, she spends all day thinking up new stories to share with her friends.

HORSE CLUB Sofia’s Beauties