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Toys for generations

Do you remember your first toy? Maybe it still exists and you passed it on to your own child - a gift as timeless as play itself. For nearly 90 years, durable Schleich figurines and playsets have been a staple of childhood. Whether it's a lion, a rabbit or a koala bear, millions of children around the world enjoy animal figurines that reflect nature in as much detail as possible. Passed down from generation to generation, they naturally contribute to sustainable play.

91% of people have never thrown away a Schleich figurine*. This means that 98% save their Schleich figurines! For example, families pass them on to other children, friends, neighbors or onto their grandchildren. Some might even donate them to charitable organizations.** This saves resources and protects the climate in a very natural way.

However, we would like to go one step further, because we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to a positive future for our children and our planet. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy. It makes our entire business model even more sustainable.

The pillars of our sustainability journey

Where are we today and where do we want to go?

Our Head of Sustainability

„Sustainability is teamwork. We can only complete the journey to an even more sustainable organization all together as one team.” – Dr. Philipp Hummel

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* Own online survey with 1453 participants in February 2023
** Own online survey with 1327 participants in February 2023