Our Brand

Learn more about our brand, mission, vision, product DNA, our new logo and much more

Our Mission

A schleich® toy in a child‘s hand is an invitation into stories still unwritten. And we can‘t wait to hear the stories you‘ll tell!

What do we stand for?

Our brand values reflect the natural curiosity of kids...they‘re the down-to-our-toes principles guiding everything we do.

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Our Vision

Whether you gallop, fly, or swim, it helps to know where you wanna go. Our Vision keeps us moving in the right direction, while still giving us plenty of room to roam.

Our new logo

Fun Facts about our new Logo and Claim

Our new logo and claim reflect the natural curiosity and creativitity of a child. Is it a thought bubble...or the beginning of a story still unwritten?

Our Brand Values

Our toys believe the bestest stories are full of imagination, free of silly grown-up limitations, and powered by kids’ unbridled curiosity. Our toys want schleich® to be just as magical, just as childlike, just as inquisitive.

And we couldn‘t agree more! Which is why our new brand values are:

What if?
Why not?
And then…

What if?

We provide the sparks that ignites the storyteller in all of us.

Why not?

We are champions of free play - no scripts, no limits, no rules.

And then …

There are always more stories to be told.

Our Product DNA

Our characters come in a million gazillion shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether they have two legs, four legs, or no legs, they have one thing in common – every toy in our collection is authentic, detailed and high quality.

The story of us 

Here and now

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